Coffee Digger has its roots in the

Coffee Axis -

The Colombian Coffee Region, also known as the Coffee Triangle. It is a part of the Colombian Paisa region in the rural area of Colombia. It is famous for growing and producing majority of Colombian coffee, considered by many to be the best coffee in the world.

Giovanni Mancini - Co Founder of Coffee Digger would experience a 5 year journey into the region's Gold Mine minerals.  Much like James Folgers of Folgers Coffee,  Mancini was an executive for a Gold Mine with an estimated $300 million is gold reserves. He learned of Colombia's geological richness first hand. 

The inspiration behind the gold bags.

This is a picture of Mancini's ranch 8,000 feet above ground in an area called Envigado. Surrounded by Coffee fields, in the raw, at it's inception.  Chewing on the cherries, Mancini would ponder the legend of the daily commodity cherished by most of the world.



At the same time, Mina Taskiran, Co Founder of Coffee Digger would be in Istanbul, Turkey. She would walk on ancient streets to her neighborhood's Coffee Center.  There they would have a ritual of fortune telling, a technique that used left over coffee grains on the saucer. 

Mina's experience was more of a mystic essence. From there on she would forever remember her connection and daily ritual to Coffee.

Coffee Digger came from the pure love of an already beloved commodity. For many of us, that soft kick in the ass is mandatory.  We all have a deep connection to coffee and so there is in fact a Coffee Digger in all of us.

 Coffee Digger is flavorful. The word Gourmet to us means: “so delicious that it needs it's own word.” Hand selected, thought about and presented as such. 

Ironically ground coffee looks like it literally came from the ground, but the truth is a much more in-depth novel of sorts.  A ritual that stretches several thousand miles and several groups of seasoned craftsmanship with as much science as there is art.

Coffee Digger sought certified organic beans with a 20 year roaster that provided every day consistency. With a dependable heart and accountability for gourmet authenticity.  Wholesome goodness is bestowed by all that touch this product. It's flavor has a depth and richness, felt from the moment you grab each Coffee Digger bag.

Grabbing Coffee Digger from your kitchen shelf has a whole new energy. It's a routine that brings inspiration to your day.  The Bag has an air of charmed Istanbul. This is where our bags were designed, hence the old world beauty. In combination with the bean of the mighty Colombian Coffee Cherry. Our demographics 

Our goals as a Coffee Provider:

We are alive and happy to share Activations on grocery store isles. Wherever Coffee Digger is sold, we want to be your weekend warrior. In the Live, on the grocery store isle or at the entrance of the supermarket.  We will have a blast giving free samples Exploring and Sharing Fun Recipes of Coffee Digger.

We are a new brand, ready to come up with ways to showcase and activate your location.

We'll explore different coffee recipes like "Afagato" - Ice Cream with Espresso.  Or more out of the box recipes, like buttered bread dunked in cafe con leche.  We want to explore more Chef Creations and further validate our brand.

We want Coffee Digger to be the Stamp of Culinary Gourmet Approval.

It's about having fun and much better coffee.